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There is a considerable amount of activity on carbon-related topics spread across a range of government, industry and research sectors. The scope of the work varies from macro issues, such as global carbon initiatives to micro issues such as the determination of embodied energy of specific construction materials.

As with any topic, there are individuals and organisations who are leaders, many others who are quickly coming up to speed on what is required and others who are on earlier stages of the learning curve. However, few doubt the importance of tackling this issue from a built environment and construction context.

As organisations consider or develop their approach, their first step is usually to identify key guidance or initiatives underway across the industry. Most recognise that it is important that the approach it develops to project-based carbon is industry-compatible and future-proof

While there are many important initiatives underway at present, it is often difficult to ascertain the precise scope and planned outcome of these initiatives and, more importantly how they could potentially help or impact your organistion.

This concept of this site is to provide an overview of what is considered by the industry to be the most influential and potentially important initiatives. The current site is a concept / prototype and further data is presently being collected off-line.

If you are interested in helping with the development of this site, please contact Gillian Wadams or Owen Jenkins at CIRIA.

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Following an earlier consultation phase, we have sought to categorise initiatives as being relevant to one or more of the following headings.

Scope and coverage

  • Policy and regulation
  • Measurement and reporting tools
  • Building performance
  • Infrastructure performance
  • Procurement, clients and ownership
  • Generation and storage
  • Macro-scale issues.


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